The Descendants of the John Holme and Eliza Crafts family

Mary Ann
Six of the ten children of John Holme and Eliza Crafts

John Holme and his wife Eliza were among the early settlers of Kent County, Ontario and their known descendants number over 500. I started tracing this family tree, my grandmother's family, 20 years ago when I was 16. I was lucky enough halfway through my research to be given a copy of a privately-published booklet entitled A History of the John Holmes and Eliza Crafts Family. This wonderful work had been compiled in 1966 by three members of the family, Mrs. Dell Huff, Mrs William Shaw and Mrs Eldred Holmes. A great debt is owed them for bringing all of the family lines forward to that time.

My work in the Provincial Archives of Ontario has found numerous family documents, which I will upload to this site. They include wills, land records, cemetery transcriptions, parish register entries and more. I would also like to gather as many family photographs as I can from relations in order to compile an online family album for all descendants to enjoy.

Family story had it that John Holme was born in England and came to Canada with two brothers, one who went further up the Sydenham and one who went to the States. I have found not only the Ontario brother and some of his descendants, but have also located the family records in England! I will be uploading the exciting details shortly.

The ancestors of Eliza Craft are also being researched. A genealogical lineage of the Crafts found in the above-mentioned booklet is incorrect. With the help of Eleanor Genovese, I will be uploading much more information on this side of the family shortly.

Any additions or amendments to the data are always welcome. I would love to hear from other members of the family.

Enjoy your visit here, and come back soon!


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