bullet Conrad PENCE died on 5 Mar 1801 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He was born @1741 in supposedly Hanover, Pfaltz, Germany. In 1751 at the age of 9, he came with his family on the ship "Pearl" to Canada. After living for a few years in Halifax, the family moved to Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.

Around 1770, Conrad married Elizabeth Preper, who was ten years his junior. They had twelve children, of whom only five survived their early childhood. I have been told that Conrad received quite a lot of land from his father-in-law, Ernest Jacob Tobias Preper.

In 1785, Conrad received a grant of 500 acres of land on the Windsor Road S.W., in Halifax County. He erected a dwelling house and an out house on it. He also owned the 500 acres on the east side of the road, these being the Two Lots No. 42. At some unknown time, he acquired a five-acre lot in Dutch Town, on which was a dwelling house, out houses and pumps. Dutch Town was the north suburb of Halifax in colonial times. It got its name from the English variation of the name "Deutsch", as the Germans called themselves. As was mentioned in the previous biography, this is where the Germans first lived when they came to Halifax in the 1750s. In 1785, the name Conrad Pence appears in the Halifax tax assessment papers.

Conrad died in 1801. In the prayer book of his wife Elizabeth is the following:

"Departed this life Mr. Conrad Pentze March 5, 1801 about 1/2 hour after 8
in the evening aged 59 years. The Family lament the loss of an affectionate

Conrad's will, made on October 21, 1799 at Halifax and signed Conrad Pence, named Elizabeth and their five living children: John, Jacob, William, Elizabeth and Dorothy. Everything went to his wife, and after her death the estates, goods and chattels were to be divided equally between the children. The will is now in the Public Archives of Nova Scotia, Halifax. Parents: Rudolph PENTZ and Johanna.

He was married to Barbra Elizabeth PREPER @1770. Children were: child PENCE, George PENCE, John Ernst PENCE, Jacob Ernst PENCE, a daughter PENCE, Sophia Catherine PENCE, Elizabeth Barwerra PENCE, William Tobias PENCE , Hannah Dorothy PENCE, Fredericka PENCE, Hugh Godfrey Michael PENCE, Henry Charles PENCE.