Movement on a site can both enhance and detract from a page. Like a spice in a recipes it is not the main nourishment and too much makes the food inedible. We ask does the animation convey information in the most efficient manner.


CGI scripts

CGI stands for Common Gateway Interface. CGI enables HTML documents to call external programs called gateway scripts. By calling gateway scripts, you can make your web document highly interactive and extremely dynamic.


Transmitting information

Our capacity to use and understand information is limited. A web site must tell the whole story but also make each piece of information accessible. Using scripts that allow searches of the site helps and adds action to a site.

Identifying customer needs

If you are not sure what the customer wants simply ask. You will be surprised how many customers will tell you how to improve your site. Build in surveys and email links through out the site.

Order processing

This is the ultimate goal of retail on the Internet. Allowing the purchase of goods direct from the site and having the order seamlessly processed via the back office system. This is possible now! Webination can design a system that will let you set up a retail store on the Internet!

Meeting the Needs of your customers.

Action on your site tells your customer what is important, how to find information quickly, how to get the goods and services they need faster and at the lowest price.

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